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  • From the very start, dot com has always been king.

    Very few people are lucky enough to own their own surname on the dot com TLD, I guess it's lucky then that my last name is not Smith!

    But why should I keep it to myself and deprive other Mangatal's the chance of their own email address at their own surname dotcom?

    If you're a Mangatal, there is no other place on the entire worldwide web that you can get your first name at your last name at the TOP top level domain name, dot com, except here.

    So I purchased suitable hosting and can now offer free e-mail addresses to mangatal's, first-name@mangatal.com, and for free!

    And soon you will also be able to claim your own webspace too, also for free!

    But how secure is mangatal mail?
    Possibly more secure than your current provider!
    Here's why  More

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